How to properly protect your data when handing in your computer for repair

Data is crucial for computer users as it can include bost personal and official information. Most users tend to store their digital particulars in a Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD), or flash drive, all of which are accessible resources.


That being said, there are methods beyond the said technology that can help users protect their data when handing over their computers for repair. With advanced technology, users can hope to secure their files and information at all costs.

Thus, this article looks to provide a few methods to protect your important digital files and information.

Cloud storage and other viable options to protect data while repairing your computer


Much like any electronic device, computers are also prone to technical issues. As computers consist of numerous hardware components, it is only natural that they need to be serviced now and then. In most cases, when an issue arises, users tend to visit a repair shop.

Here are a few simple ways to protect your data before handing over your computer for repair:

  • Use Cloud Storage platforms like OneDrive and Google Drive to protect important files as they cannot be deleted without permission. Premium options for these platforms can offer additional space.
  • Use an external HDD or SSD for storing heavy important data and keep it aside once handing over the system to a repair shop.
  • Password protect data inside internal storage devices to avoid theft.

The aforementioned methods are some of the commonly used practices applied. These tips will help users secure their information and digital components.

Investing in storage devices for computers is always a smart choice. Storing personal files in HDDs and SSDs is still among the most common practices among most users.

Cloud storage platforms are another way to save personal photos, videos, audio files, and documents.


Users can also utilize their smartphones to access files stored on the cloud. Files can also be edited with the help of in-built editors like the one Google Docs offers.

Furthermore, protecting existing files and information in a password-encrypted storage device is another option. Password-encrypted files and folders prevent any unauthorized access.

With the advancement of technology, more security options are introduced over time. These are just a handful of methods that users can apply to protect their digital information from getting stolen, corrupted, or deleted.

Edited by Dinesh Renthlei